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Steam System Audits and Consultancy

Keith Shuttleworth & Associates undertake comprehensive steam system audits which provide a comprehensive analysis of steam systems

The scope of the audit can include some or all of the following elements:

  • Steam system design
  • Steam system construction and certification
  • Steam system installation
  • Review of any changes
  • Steam system chemical/TOC and microbiological test results and methods
  • Physical steam quality test results and methods
  • Steam system qualification URS through DQ, OQ and PQ
  • Steam system SOP’s
  • Steam system maintenance procedures


KSA has gained a reputation for its speed and ability to solve client’s sterilization problems. With over 20 years experience in the industry, we are able to supervise the most complex of projects. Whether an internal or external problem, we are accomplished at providing solutions. These can include:

  • Fault finding and problem solving
  • Advice on steam system design
  • Advice on steam system construction, installation and certification
  • Advice on steam system chemical/TOC and microbiological testing methods
  • Advice on physical steam quality testing methods and results
  • Development and advice on steam system qualification protocols
  • Development and advice on steam system SOP’s
  • Development and advice on steam system maintenance procedures
  • Total project management
  • Integration with Client Team


The audits/consultancy work will be provided by Keith Shuttleworth who has considerable experience of the design, installation and testing of pharmaceutical steam systems. Keith originally trained as a Marine Engineer and was formally trained in both practical and theoretical aspects of steam engineering, in addition to studying Applied Heat and Applied Thermodynamics. Subsequently Keith has worked as an engineering manager in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries where he has been responsible for the design, installation and qualification of a number of steam installations. Keith has spoken at many forums and conferences on the subject and has an input into the various regulatory/advisory documents produced.

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