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Test Elbows

In order to test steam you will need to have the correct sample points fitted. For further information on test elbows, their dimensions and other installation data, use this link Installation Information.

We can provide test elbows for clean/pure steam applications in 1/2″ – 3/4″, 1″ 1.5″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ versions.

Please contact us for quotes on other sizes, orientations or special orders.

Delivery: 1” elbows are ex-stock. Other sizes are made to order with a maximum 10 day lead time


Electronic Balance

An electronic balance (0 – 3000g/discrimination 0.1g) is required for the dryness test, in addition to the test kit supplied. While most facilities have these available, the presence of a balance at the testing location significantly increases productivity.

We supply a lightweight, rechargeable battery/mains, rugged precision compact balance specifically for this application.

Delivery: ex-stock.


Balance Thermal Printer

To complement the balance by providing a record of mass measurements. Supplied with power supply and communication cable.

Delivery: ex-stock.


Handheld Temperature Meter/Logger and probes

While any data logger (Kaye or similar) may be used for the steam quality testing, we can also supply a dual input hand held temperature meter/logger with two 300 mm long stainless steel mineral insulated probes, as two temperature inputs are required for the superheat and dryness value tests. The thermometer offers a fast response and laboratory accuracy (+/- 0·05% + 0·3 degrees celsius) in a rugged hand held test tool. Has logging facility with Max/Min/Average calculations and PC connectivity, which makes it ideal for this application.

Delivery: ex-stock


Optional Extra – Temperature Meter and Sensor Calibration certification

Calibration of the meter and both probes, as a system calibration, traceable to UKAS ( will cost and additional

Delivery: Maximum 10 day lead time.

RTD and Balance carry case

Custom built case for secure storage and transport of the RTD meter and sensors and electronic balance.

Delivery: 10 working days maximum


<”h1″>SQ2 Accessories

1/2″  tri-clamp hose

1/2″  tri-clamp ended hose assembly. Both ends fitted with 1/2″  tri-clamp flanges with are fitted with 1/4″ hygienic tails. Smooth Bore PTFE Lined Hose with Braided Stainless Steel Outer and Silicone Cover. Available is 3  and 4 metre lengths.

Delivery: 10 working maximum.


SQ2 Carrying Handle

A stainless steel carrying handle is available for the SQ2 Portable to make it convenient and easy to move from location to location, even when hot.

Delivery: 10 working days, maximum.


<”h1″>EN 285 Testing Accessories

Calibration Services

We offer calibration services on all our balances and temperature meters, please contact us for details.

Delivery: 10 working days, maximum.

EN 285 Test Pack Cotton Sheets

The EN 285 Standard Test Pack is used for performing the Bowie and Dick test, small test load, air detector tests, load dryness test and with other materials to form a full load test.

The sheets are made from 100% bleached cotton sheets. The towels should be washed to remove dressing before being used as required by EN 285: 2006 + A2:2009, 24.1.

Contains 40 compliant sheets 1200 x 900 mm

Delivery: Maximum 10 working days



EN 285 Test Pack Cotton Wrap

test pack wrap

EN 285 Test Pack Carrier

A handled satchel for easy and convenient transport of the EN 285 Test Pack

Test pack carrier

EN 285 Metal Load Test

For use in performing the Metal Load dryness test as required by CFPP 01-01 Part C and specified in EN 285, consisting of:

Metal Screws
Austenitic stainless steel, hexagon head screws, enough to make the required weight of 8.6kg.

Wire Mesh Basket
Austenitic stainless steel, with the specification as EN 285.

The Test Box
Austenitic stainless steel, with the required ten holes on either side, and a sealed lid as EN 285.

Weighing scales and a sheet from a standard test pack are also required to perform the test.

Metal load test

EN 285 Metal Load Test Electronic Balance

This balance has a capacity of 16kg x 0.5g  (32kg x 1g) and a stainless steel platform of 275mm x 225mm.
Full range tare with a large  back-lit LCD display with capacity tracker and a Rs232 Data Output.

Can be pre set for check weighing limits and has memory accumulation.

It is AC powered and comes with a internal rechargeable battery.

Optional extra – In use transparent cover

Delivery: 10 working days, maximum.


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