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Purchasing Workshops

The decision making process surrounding the purchasing of sterilization products can be extremely complex. We help to simplify this process by offering purchasing workshops specifically designed to assist the client’s decision.

Regulatory Standards

We are able to present up-to-date information on the regulatory standards applying to both the product and the process. This ensures at the outset that the client’s team is fully aware of potential problems or pitfalls.

Choice of Process & Equipment

The processes available for a particular product can be reviewed and an assessment made of the benefits and limitations. Once a decision has been reached about suitable processes, we will provide a list of the best equipment and prospective suppliers.

Validation Requirements

The initial validation and ongoing testing issues relating to a particular product and process may be explored in depth, in order that the long term implications and therefore costs of the project may be understood.


An outline user requirement/purchase specification and project plan can be established which takes into account all of the key regulatory, product, process and validation factors.

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