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Tailored Training

We offer specially tailored training seminars to meet the needs of each company and its personnel. For each course we provide topical multimedia presentations and detailed course notes. Sessions may be held at client’s premises or at selected venues. If the training forms part of internal assessment, we will carry out tests for training records.

All training is individually structured to cover the subjects most relevant to the company, whether the focus is on processes or equipment. Our training meets the needs of all levels of personnel and may follow the framework below.


Training is provided to give the delegate the necessary background knowledge to understand the importance of the process and the consequences of getting it wrong. Training focuses on important issues such as process and equipment safety and dealing with hazards.


Training packages are designed to cover the different sterilization processes and principles behind them. There is an emphasis on regulatory issues and on how the engineer fits into the quality infrastructure. Other areas of training examines maintenance, testing and documentation, plus effective management and control of sub-contractors.

Quality Assurance & Technical Managers

Courses build on basic foundation material to include a detailed theoretical approach to the different sterilization processes, the dynamics of bacterial death, the applications and use of biological indicators, plus other subjects. Testing & Validation personnel will receive training with specific process related testing methods and techniques explored.

Senior Management

Special training workshops are provided for senior managers to deal with specific topics or problems. These may focus on specific regulatory difficulties, legal issues and industry norms and regulatory standards.

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