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Equilibration Time

White paper – The Validity Of Equilibration Time As A Sterilizer Performance Measure

Abstract: Equilibration time has been used as a critical performance measure for the efficacy of equipment/porous load sterilization processes. This White Paper details why this measurement, taken in isolation, is not valid.

Keith Shuttleworth has produced a White Paper that challenges the value of equilibration time as a measure of process efficacy for the sterilization of hard goods/porous loads.

This paper will change common (and strongly) held opinions about the value and application of equilibration time.

The White Paper is free and can be downloaded by completing the details below:

    Τα προβλήματα στύσης που εμφανίζονται κατά διαστήματα δεν πρέπει να αποτελούν σοβαρή ανησυχία. Ωστόσο, τα συχνά σεξουαλικά προβλήματα προκαλούν άγχος, μειώνουν την αυτοπεποίθηση και μπορεί να οδηγήσουν σε διακοπή της σχέσης.